Butterflies speak about their needs. listen to their words with your heart

Iranian EB patients
Provincial Visit Video

Dressing, bathing, blistering and burning
These words, which are hard for us to even read, are the most widely used words for a #butterfly patient. If we want to tell you about their baths, you may be surprised to know that butterfly patients sometimes wash their bodies and wounds in the bathroom a day and night. Now, if you add the suffering of lack of dressing to this story, you know how hard and painful it is.
There is a lot to be said, and we may not be able to show all the angles of a butterfly patient in small and large cell phones, but now that we are all at home these days, we invite you to spend just nine minutes at the butterflies’ home with their lives.
See and hear the unspoken words of dear Fatemeh, dear Marzieh and dear Mostafa, who we visited during the provincial trip to Yazd.


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