Campaign from the bathroom to the house

Esmaeil Campaign
Events دسته‌بندی نشده

Welcome to Ismail’s dream (from the bathroom to the house). Ishmael has a small wish. Are you ready to give us a hand to fulfill Ismail’s small wish? So let’s pitch in. We all know that the bathroom is not a place to live, but all of Ismail’s childhood was spent in a dark and cold bathroom. Currently, the only asset of the Ismail family is a piece of land, and if we shake hands, Ismail’s dream comes to true and he will go home from the bathroom simply and beautifully. Let’s convince Ishmael that after every hardship, there is an opening and an easy path. Are you ready to put the bricks of Ismail’s house one by one on top of each other? So, by participating in the campaign and donating, you fulfill Ismail’s dream.

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