Dolls are also imposed sanctions

Provincial Visit Video

Fatemeh, is a butterfly! Such word do with your innocent world, multivariate economic equations do not go with your subtle world. How painful and hard has been like a shadow on your dolls that is sanction. We have nothing to say, there is not a word to say, Is there? We can’t understand your pain in the lack of bandage, can we? No, we don’t understand, even if we want it, it’s beyond our mind and our heart tragically for sympathy. Even the one who embarked on to issue that boycott, does not understand.
Forgive us , to be honest , the world of greats is some times really serious and bitter but we hope and know there are those who get up to defend your only small right to win this battle, but you, dear audience what happened in the world of greats that they are entering the butterflies’ world now and they remove some of the bandages sheets from his / her room that these are the only delights of these children and it is called sanction.
No! It’s the cruelest, most unfair and irrational law in the world.
Things never stay the same forever. The nights will go away and the bright days are coming for your friends and you.
It’s coming soon that you will wake up in the morning without any fear of sticking bandage in your skin…
You hug your little doll and sing song of happiness for her until that day.
Last week, we traveled to The Yazd to visit our patient in our country with a care team.
Conditions don’t always go as we planned. So at the end, we arrived at Fatemeh’s home and we were eagerly waiting to be guests of our butterflies after an almost dangerous accident on our way from Yazd to Abarkooh and after that another thing happened. It was hurricane sand.
We also survived this accident with your prayers.
We should express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the esteemed Fatemeh’s family for collaborating on the video and wishing them health and longevity.


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