Fear of affecting EB is the most unrealistic and imaginative fear you can have afraid

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Do you agree that the fear of the shadows on the wall is the common fear of all people in childhood? What imaginary creatures were created with the same shadows in mind, and how imaginatively the childish mind fought them, but as soon as the lights go on the fear and darkness disappeared together

Yes! There are big but unrealistic fears, such as fear of shadows or fear of butterfly patients

Fear of affecting EB is the most unrealistic and imaginative fear you can have

Well, do not worry! Like your childhood, we turn on the lights. This time, with the light of consciousness, we make it clear to you that EB, a genetic disease, is not contagious and in a word, is non-contagious

But now?

We visited butterflies from house to house, we drunk water from a shared glass. We told the story hand in hand. We kissed their foreheads and cheeks. Until this human’s unrealistic fear disappears.

We have been traveling to butterfly cities for four years and we have told them that we will do our best to make the community look at them as normal and free from any judgment

You know
You scare and butterfly patients think that loneliness is their right!
You scare and a bench falls off the school benches!
You scare and a butterfly plays with his or her friends from behind the window!
You scare and hope will be disappointed.

Then remember
EB is not a contagious disease and is not transmitted in any way

Thank you for coming with us so far
Now let’s start to make a day when the butterflies of the city fly in the sky without fear and worry, without fear and abandonment

So, share this post to your friends and write for butterflies that you are not going to be afraid of anymore. Empathy works wonders
We counted on you.


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