Hope in butterflies’ style

Provincial Visit

When was the last time you were disappointed and, commonly, cut off from the whole world? Maybe too far, so close to now, but stay here because we have come to the story of Hadi, the city of Sabzevar, one of the most optimist stories of butterfly patients.


The 28-year-old Hadi in our story is a powerful, hopeful and knowledgeable butterfly that we would not be wrong to say that no one comes close to him in terms of perseverance. You may think this is a fictional story, but it is a pure fact.

This time we want to start from the end of the story. One of Hadi’s legs was recently amputated due to the spread of EB disease. Yes, sometimes EB disease is extremely cruel, however, butterflies are more optimist than this.


You will be surprised if we say that Hadi is studying master’s degree in law, won’t be? In addition, he is very active in the market and is moving towards his dreams with the utmost positive energy.

We suggest you watch the video to get more acquainted with the details of Hadi’s life, words and the path of realizing his dreams, because the bright spots of Hadi’s life have not been easily obtained. Hadi mentions in a part of this video and says: (I am forced to continue my education in a girl school due to the unfamiliarity of my classmates with EB disease), so it is better to watch the ups and downs of Hadi’s life.



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