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In these articles, we have tried to make you familirized with EB disease and the problems which the patients encounter.

Dear butterfly Yaser has achieved his wish by you

Do you remember Yaser? We talked about him some days ago and you listened carefully. We talked about him in his thirties and his disability

How is the age of thirties for an EB patient

Thirties is a crisis for one person, for Someone it’s the begining of an adventure but hold our hand. we want to take  you to The real

Provincial Travel Case to Mazandaran; when the tree of butterflies’ hope sprouts

Following the EB’s provincial trips to visit the butterfly patients’ home in Bahman, we traveled to Mazandaran Province with the

EB-home awarded the best website trophy in the charity organizations and social activity by the referees

  Iran Web and Mobile Festival with one-thousand of participants is known as the biggest area of competition between various websites and mo

Washington’s approval to Switzerland to conduct a trade canal to Iran

The new approach of Switzerland to send medicine and medical facilities to Iran, which the U.S has no problem with, alongside the condolence

watch to be aware of how US sanctions causes to death of iranian EB patients!

Unilateral medicinal sanctions caused tons of problem for iranian EB patients. Under sanctions adequate medicine is not available for rare d

Ava’s death is a death to humanity – “End economic genocide”

A Malaysian human rights organization said on Saturday that Ava and other butterfly children’s death due to US sanctions on Iran amoun

US sanctions aimed at collective punishment of Iranians and Death of Iranian Butterfly Patients: Envoy

The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations lambasted US sanctions against ordinary people as well as different sectors of the Iranian econ

Sending Patient Dressing Packs – November 2019

In the late days of November, after numerous follow-ups to supply specific Mepilex dressings used by EB patients, these valuable and vital p

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