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In these articles, we have tried to make you familirized with EB disease and the problems which the patients encounter.

Let’s be a flying wings for butterflies

We humans are not for ourselves some days, we want to be for others, We want to do something, make a change, Make the world the way we want,

How we Help EB patients at EB Home

Summary of EB Home Remote Services to Butterfly Patients:

We care about our patients’s minds

From a psychological point of view, EB patients need extensive care. Numerous factors can lead a patient to isolation and depression through

Dreams of a Butterfly…

We all have our dreams. Big and small… The ones we had with us from childhood and we never forgot, The wishes that have played an impo

EB Home medical commissions

At EB Home medical commissions, patients are frequently visited by the center’s physicians and their health status is monitored and re

Packaging and shipping of stationery for EB patients

In a campaign to provide stationery for butterfly patients, EB Home sent the purchased stationery packages to its covered patients. These pa

In a nationwide Campaigns in order to supply Butterfly Patient’s Stationery, EB Home, with the help of benefactors, aims to provide ba

Monthly cash deposit to all EB patients

It is very costly to deal with EB. We all know this very well. In the meantime, any help for an EB patient can greatly alleviate his or her

Covering the cost of surgeries

Covering the cost of surgeries for EB Patients is another EB home service. EB patients always have problems such as finger clogging or esoph

Your support improves the quality of life for thousands living with EB; it helps us provide free bandages to EB patients