Omid! a real warrior

Provincial Visit

It is not easy to be the narrator of the most difficult pain. Because you are surprised to stay in favor of audiences’ patient and tolerance or to be the real narrator of the suffered people? Your company, dear ones, has shown that you are eager to hear the hidden angles of butterflies’ lives, so listen. The simultaneous experience of several pains has created a very strong spirit for Omid. Thirty-six-year-old Omid suffers from the most severe type of butterfly disease. Losing two hands, one leg and being on dialysis three times a week! And add the clinging of the cornea, but the sound of pain is not the only music of Omid’s life. He chose what sound to listen to. That is why he lives dearly his name by playing the Santoor with two artificial prostheses these days. Yes! You read it right, playing the Santoor with two artificial prostheses…

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